Summer 1999

It is unusual to see any sort of wave through the summer months, but there always appeared to be potential for a ride in the lower reaches.
The shift in the lunar periods has seen bigger bores still occuring through May while August and (no doubt!) September are a lot smaller than usual.

Friday 14th to Monday 17th, May

The bores this month were forecast relatively large, and reasonable conditions led to some decent waves at Boatyards, Secrets and a short ride at Over. The river was relatively quiet though the canoeists were out on force over the weekend at Newnham. Tomo enjoyed a solo evening ride down at Boatyards on Friday with a good 600 yd trip. In fact this spot seems to consistantly produce long rides, though you must be prepared to tackle both turbulant whitewater, a shallow stretch over the rapids and the prospect of a long paddle back over the river (as the wave moves towards the far bank!)
Boatyards Shoulder On May Evening Tomo Rides Up Into The Bowl

Over the weekend Tomo, Matt and Dave tackled some fun waves at Secrets and Over. For the first time both Matt and Dave managed to hook a lift with one of the speedboats that was out. This meant they finally got to see those stretches of the river we rarely see as they traveled right up to Over in the boats, hopping out occassionaly to attempt a ride. Unfortunately with a small tide, only a few waves were to be had including along The Mile Straight. At Over Tomo joined in too, having driven the van on up. It was a hilarious site watching both Dave and Tomo attempt to jump off the front of a speedboat onto the face of the wave. Neither succeeded and all three eventually came away from the morning with a few bruises and dings after some high powered speed boat racing!!! It was great of the speeders to pick the guys up and give them lifts though.

On Monday am, Tomo, Matt and Dave hooked up with a BBC2 Film crew putting together a segment for their Autumn series of Country Tracks. (Televised on 10th Sept) Dave put on a good display tucking into the shoulder at Secrets for the camera.

Dave's Surfing Sequence At Secret Break

Tomo's Spectacular Wipeout! Lindsay Rides Her First Severn Bore Matt took the presenter, Lindsay Cannon, out at Over to have a go. (She had surfed only once at Newquay) Lindsay rode a short distance on a clean face and was totally stoked and exhilarated afterwards. Tomo suffered a rather uncharacteristic wipe-out into the hedges, that looked quite amusing on film!

Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th, June

These were fairly small bores, though a very long wave peaking at about 3 foot continued to travel along the sandbank from Boatyards. Also a short but very clean shoulder was working at Secrets, while further up river the wave was very small. Tomo worked on clocking up the waves and finished the month with a total of 38 rides for the year. That elusive 50 looks like it is getting closer.

Guts showed up on Tuesday morning to deliver Donny's new monster mal! He and Tomo went down to Boatyards where Guts lasted only 200 yards as he got carried away performing tricks!! Tomo rode the wave so far up the other sandbank that he actually ended up surfing prone in 10" of water and just stepped out onto the main bank that runs up the river opposite Newnham!

Just One Big Boatyards Section Waiting For The Shoulder... ...Tomo's Patience Pays Off
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Up at Secrets Guts got a nice 3 foot shoulder (though it tended to pull bankwards!) and pulled off a few moves for the camera.

Well the end of June heralded the end of the Bores for a few months!

July and August

We haven't actually tracked the bores much over this period as we have all been busy chasing the swells. The start of July saw a classic Summer swell hit the UK, and we caught some great waves down at 'Gennith and Porthcawl. A similar swell rolled in at the start of September and we were lucky enough to be there. Waves were clean, offshore and over head! Perfect......

For a report of the August bores and those that rolled up the river in mid-September check out Liam's report. It sounds like they were pretty small. But with the big Autumn swells powering in on the coasts, hopefully we will see the bore returning to its former majesty following the equinox, in October.

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