New Year 1999

Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 4th, January

Due to severe rainfall throughout December, the fresh water levels were excessively high at the start of the month when the bores were forecast. The river had burst its banks through much of the upper reaches, and as a result of this there was no bore to be seen, yet alone ridden!

Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th, February

At the start of the month the river levels were still high, so there were no bores in the upper reaches. Also the severe early winter storms had caused a massive shift in the sandbanks causing a significant change in the channels on the lower stretches. The channel at Newnham car park was a lot deeper and this was causing the bore to back away, though this may change with a drop in fresh water levels, and higher tides in Spring. On the 2nd and 3rd, Donny, Tommo and Matt tried out a wave at Boatyards, below Newnham Nab. A wall of white water formed of the corner of the sandbank, which we all picked up, and after a couple of hundred yards faces formed on either side of a bowl shaped wave moving into the centre of the river. The wave face reached about three foot and fun rides were had by all. Donny decide to give it a stab on a boogie board on the 4th, and got an impressive ride of about a quarter mile.

Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th, February

The mid month bores had good prospects with the fresh water levels dropping and the first 10m forecast of the year. Boatyards once again worked in similar form. At Minster a subsidence had left a large slab of mud on the left bank where formally Wipeout Lounge had pumped through. Also shifting sandbanks left shallow water right across the river. The only wave forming on the section headed straight at the mud - not a safe place to surf as Matt discovered!! At Over the river bed was pretty similar and a small wave pushed trhough against the bank on the Wednesday, giving a little ride for Donny and Tommo. On Thursday we headed for a new wave ('Donny's') which had been discovered the previous day. A deep channel made us apprehensive - either a very big wave or nothing at all. In fact, true to the previous days form, a fantastic toweing face appeared around the bend, picking up to five feet against the bank, and Donny and Tommo got wicked rides for a 300 yard stretch. At Over, Tommo had the river to himself and rode the wave up to the bridge, as it opened into a nice 3ft face across the river. Come Friday we had similar rides except for a mass pile up at Over between Tommo, Donny and Danny up against the bank. Quite amusing to watch mind!!

The Bore Riders Club were the only people out in Feb and it was well worth it. Plenty of space and some reasonable waves. Tommo clocked up seven rides out of nine averaging about 250 yards. The general changes in the river bed imply last years spots are not the places to head for, so we are sussing out plenty of new locations, with some good expectations for Boatyards, Strand, Pimlico Sands, Secrets and 'Donny's'. Although some of the local forecasts are predicting smaller bores this year, we reckon the spring will be pretty hot!!

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