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Giant Crossword

Good luck with our bumper crossword, just print it off and see how you can get on!
By the way, we will be dead impressed if anyone completes the entire thing!

Giant Crossword


  1. River confluence and home to a mighty pororoca (5)
  2. The mean tidal range is four to six metres (9)
  3. The hypothetical tidal bulge is one of these waves (8)
  4. Tide heights for the Humber estuary measured from here (9)
  5. All points within and upon the earth follow a circular path around common center of mass (12)
  6. Bore surfing pioneer on the might Chinese dragon (8)
  7. River experiencing a small bore near Amherst Point in Nova Scotia (6)
  8. Number of perigee-syzygy cycle peaks in 2000 (3)
  9. You might find a god in the bore (2)
  10. Discover of the only universe visible to the naked eye (in Andromeda) (7)
  11. Moon (adj) (5)
  12. The tide retreats (3)
  13. Tidal range in excess of four metres (10)
  14. Tides occuring when sun and moon in quadrature (4)
  15. Estuary fed by a popular surfing river in France (7)
  16. Largest tidal bore in history (picture bottom left) (8)
  17. A wave caused by meterological disturbances (7)
  18. Wave throwing water out in front as it hits the banks (7)
  19. Variation in semidiurnal tides (5)
  20. Largest tidal range in the world occurs here (5)
  21. (Former) home of the Pegu and Sittang bores (5)
  22. Sun, earth and moon are in line (6)
  23. Celestial cause of variation in tidal oscillation at varying latitudes (11)
  24. The lesser of two most influential celestial bodies upon the oceans (3)
  25. Revolutionary scientific astronomer (6)
  26. The equilibrium theory of tides came from this apple picker (6)
  27. The moon is as far away as possible (6)
  28. Main bore-river in Malaysia (pic bottom right) (5)
  29. Dominates the surface of the Alaskan fjords in winter (3)
  30. Famous bore from central southern Asia (illustration top left) (7)
  31. See 67 across (3)
  32. Destructive bore river draining into the large basin of the Suderbahns (6)
  33. Period of time calculated using celestial bodies as reference points (8)
  34. Large Alaskan fjord exhibiting the only bore in North America (9,3 [57 across])
  35. The sun passes from south to north over the equator (6)
  36. The moon and sun do to this (4)
  37. The historical animal associated with the world's largest bore (6)
  38. One of the dynamic tide propounders (9)
  39. Only one of these celestial bodies affects our tides (4)
  40. Amazonian river experiencing large bore inland(4)
  41. Stand still and you are moving in this direction (4)
  42. Country of origin of the Ganges (5)
  43. Waters exhibiting the same stage of the tide are joined by these lines (7)
  44. Sun is at minimum height in the sky (8)
  45. Geometrical line joining the closest and farthest points of the moon's orbit (4)
  46. The swishing action of ocean tides around a fixed central origin (11)

  1. Moon wanning towards new (8)
  2. Former super bore of Europe occurred on this river (5)
  3. The Anchorage fjords are the _ _ _ 's of the Cook Inlet (3)
  4. Moon at start of a lunar month (3)
  5. Surfing manouvere to return to the most critical part of the wave (3)
  6. Rowbotham's analogy of river topography necessary for bores to arise (6)
  7. Home of the world's largest bore (5)
  8. The moon's orbit intersects the earth-sun-orbit plane (4)
  9. The second largest bore in the UK occurs on this river (5)
  10. The part of the wave a surfer tries to avoid (slang) (4)
  11. The equilibrium motion of waves (8)
  12. The local name for bore in 14 down (5)
  13. The non-circular orbit of the earth and moon (6)
  14. The october hunter (4)
  15. A bit of bore etymology (4)
  16. The earth's path around the sun (8)
  17. The principle cause of the tides (7)
  18. This sacred time heralds the largest bores (7)
  19. The founding forefather of the sport of bore surfing (9)
  20. The Celts would see her riding the bore of the River Severn (7)
  21. If you want to join the crowds to surf, this river would be a good bet! (8)
  22. Calcutta bore (5)
  23. Go surfing with Robert, he talks a lot (anag.) (4)
  24. The remote river feeding the Gulf of Papua (3)
  25. When bore surfing you want to avoid these at all costs! (4)
  26. The lunar month (7)
  27. High water occuring only once daily (7)
  28. Think of a numer! (3)
  29. Holder of the BSA distance surfing record of 5.7 miles (6)
  30. Sun, Moon and Earth are all in an exact line (7)
  31. Moon passes its closest orbit to the earth - we could be in for some big tides! (7)
  32. Source of Bay Of Fundy and Europe's tides (8)
  33. Moon's dark shadow, like August 1999 (5)
  34. The celestial bodies return to sleep here (4)
  35. A slow breaking bore wave that rolls its way upriver (7)
  36. This cliff sends the bore back downriver at the start of the Severn horseshoe bend (4)
  37. The local bay associated with the Silver Dragon (8)
  38. Large bore in Amapa state, Brazil (8)
  39. Montague Island sits at the mouth of a river in this country (6)
  40. Prevailing winds dominating the coast of north Brazil (8)
  41. The nineteen year lunar cycle to the day (nearly) (7)
  42. Propounder of the Dynamic theory of tides (7)
  43. Directly beneath your feet in astronomical terms (5)
  44. Small sister bore in Papua New Guinea, apparantly (?) (6)
  45. Approximate duration of the perigee-syzygy cycle in years (4)
  46. 150 million kilometers from the earth (5)
  47. A brief period of non-motion before the river starts to ebb (5)
  48. The same name as for 17 down (5)
  49. A principle influence for the cessation of bores (3)
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