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Take a short time out at work and have a go at our quick quiz or try the bumper crossword to test your bore knowledge. Below is a terse fact file of tidal bores.
Fact File

World's Largest Tidal Bore
Hangzhou, China
8.93m (nearly 30 feet!)
Deepest Penetration By A Bore
Capim, Guajara and Moju
Amazon Basin, Brazil
Over 150km Inland
Largest Volume Of Water
Cape Do Norte
Mouth Of The Amazon, Brazil
16km wide
Most Destructive Bore
Ganges Delta
Displacement Of Millions
Highest Latitude For Bore Occurance
Turnagain Arm
Cook Inlet, Alaska
61 degrees north
First Bore To Be Surfed
River Severn, England
Colonel J Churchill
21st July 1955
Most Popular Surf Destination
St Pardon, France
Over 100 People In Water
Official BSA Surfing Record
Dave Lawson
River Severn, England
5.7 miles

50th Anniversary Celebrations

In days the supertide will cometh and Sabrina will roar again!..

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