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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues Courtesy Donny Wright
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Severn Bore, England

Nestled in the heart of rural Gloucestershire, the River Severn exhibits a tidal bore over a distance of around 25 miles. The bore can first be sighted in the estuary channels below Awre (15 miles south of Gloucester). It then weaves its way through the channels around the magnificent horseshoe bend to be forced into the river above Longney Crib. From here it travels with discernible regularity up past Gloucester only to reach a sudden and silent end as it collides with Maisemore Weir.

Enshrouded in myth, history and legend, the bore has been both the destroyer and the saviour of the local inhabitants. Potent Sabrina, the Celtic goddess of the Severn, would stir up the river with her fury and anger, then ride the wild turbulant waters against the natural river flow.

The majesty of the wave is more than complemented by the scenary that surrounds it. Livestock graze in the adjoining fields and the banks are adorned with colours that herald the changing of the seasons.

In winter the morning air is raw and the water is icey cold. On long summer nights, the river runs low and the passage of the bore occurs with the setting sun.

Courtesy Donny Wright
The lower Severn Horseshoe Bend, looking to where the Severn Bore first forms a wave down below Awre.

'A unique experience. There's nothing else in surfing quite like it - you're surfing in the middle of the English countryside, it's usually really quiet because the wave only breaks in the early morning or late evening, and it can be quite daunting listening to it approach - i've known people to get out of the water because it sounded so huge!'

Former distance surfing record holder, Colin Wilson

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