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Arrowsmith Tide Tables - 2002 Tide Tables Available to Pre Order Now...

The Arrowsmith Bristol Channel Tide Tables print times of high and low water for Sharpness as well as forecasts for the bore.
The tables also give times for other ports in the Bristol Channel and are available from WHSmiths (Local Section).

Severn Bore Tide Times

Tide times for the Severn Bore are given on Russell Higgins' Severn Bore page. The forecasts are based on the Arrowsmith tide tables for the year, and Russ posts each following year in late October/November.


Use the link above to view the 2002 tide tables. The times given represent ETA at The Ferry, Minsterworth. Adjustments must be made for arrival time at all main viewing locations. The expected size and ETA of the bore can be greatly affected by Prevailing Conditions, so allow plenty of time to avoid disappointment!

To get an update on the local conditions prior to any tides contact our local


Prevailing Conditions

Wave Height INCREASED by:

Strong SW or W winds in channel
Low pressure (ie barometer below 1010mb)
Approx 2/3m of freshwater below Gloucester
Well 'defined' channels in the estuary 

Wave Height DECREASED by:

Strong N or E winds
No freshwater in river
More than 1.5m of freswater below Gloucester
High pressure (ie barometer above 1010mb) 


Strong SW or W winds in channel
Channels cutting shorter routes in estuary
Between 2/3m and 1 1/2m of freswater
Low pressure  


Strong N or E winds
Channels cutting longer routes in estuary
Lack of freshwater
High pressure 
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