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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues
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Severn Bore Photo Album

In contrast to the old BRC photo album, we have now just selected our favourite photos from our collection to display here. Further photos can now be found in the relevant Diary. Click on any photo to enlarge (file sizes are given).
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Glassy Perfection In Late Summer (71KB)
Glassy Perfection On In Late Summer Perhaps one of the many reasons that lures the bore surfers back to the river. Occassional perfection, as scored by this mystery surfer in late September.

The Newnham Channel (45KB)
The Newnham Channel One This pictures (Courtesy Of Newcomer Rob Douglas) give a great idea of the distance and the size of the Newnham Channel (taken from The White Hart). On this day, Dave (standing furthest right) rode to Garden Cliff (in distance), and Tomo (second left) continued a mile beyond there!

Summer Surfin' Safari! (67KB)
The Founding BRC Members This shot was taken on a very low river with a medium spring tide in August 2000. Check the red paddle floating in the soup - this was actually attached to Liam's leash (3rd from left) and he surfed it way up river. Hate to think what the canoeist did!? (Photo Courtsey Dave Birch)

The Surfing Swan (12KB)
The Surfing Swan What can beat it? If the bore is too small to surf then watch it and you might be lucky enough to see this graceful bird in full hot-doggin form. The shot shows the west bank just below Over Bridge on a very calm glassy day.

A Large Wave At 80's Over (78KB)
The Frogman Shoots Jaws This shot shows a very large wave off Over bank. The wave is still fairly flat on the face, but building. And comparing the bank in front and behind the wave the size must be well overhead! Also taken in the days when surfers were happy to show a bit of color on their suits.
(Courtesy Dave James)