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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues
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Severn Bore Photo Album

In contrast to the old BRC photo album, we have now just selected our favourite photos from our collection to display here. Further photos can now be found in the relevant Diary. Click on any photo to enlarge (file sizes are given).
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Locals Only! (54KB)
Locals Only A lovely shot of the bore surging upriver at a local's secret spot late in 2001, when the river was running low. Ridden by Drop Down, Standfast, Buffalo and the Silver Surfer.
(Photo Courtesy Dave Birch)

Big Cheese For The Camera! (50KB)
A cool shot in the Newnham Channel. Drop Down Dave poses for a quick snapshot by Standfast on a typical wall of soup in October 2001.
(Courtesy Dave Birch)

Don't Look Back Now (57KB)
Don't Look Back Now A great example of the power of the bore, as the soup is dispersed behind the local crew, riding a popular wave below Gloucester. Just visible in mid-stream is the regular shoulder battle between Toes and Silver Surfer!
(Courtesy Dave Birch)

If you have any photos surfing any of the world's tidal bores that you would like to contribute, then please mail us.