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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues
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Severn Bore Photo Album

In contrast to the old BRC photo album, we have now just selected our favourite photos from our collection to display here. Further photos can now be found in the relevant Diary. Click on any photo to enlarge (file sizes are given).
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A Glassy Winter Morning (37KB)
Glassy Perfection On In Late Summer A fairly rare shot of one man and his wave (could that be the Wizard?) captured by Buffalo while doing some reconnaissance for the BRC back in early 1998. Even a couple of the local cows have turned out to watch! (Photo Courtesy Matt Hammersley)

Chargin' The River On A Shortie (89KB)
The Newnham Channel One Another rare site! Clad to the hood with his back to camera is the mighty Buffalo riding his short board back in winter 97-98. Looks like a typically choppy wave on a raw winter's morning - wonder how those little uns stay on the wave?! (Photo Courtesy Matt Hammersley)

A Classic Spring Morning (55KB)
This beautiful photograph probably ranks as one of our favourites and really captures the majesty of the bore. With no banks in sight this could be a wave anywhere in the world. (Photo Courtesy Donny Wright)

A Towering Wall (59KB)
Same morning, same wave, reaching maximum energy, the face is walling up to overhead, with Toes, Silver and Buffalo all itching to carve the face at this secret location. (Photo Courtesy Donny Wright)

This Is Our Playground! (36KB)
The words of Toes, who describes this fickle wave, upstream from Newnham, as his local break. This shot was also taken in spring, when the river was running a good fresh, and only the local crew were in the area.

If you have any photos surfing any of the world's tidal bores that you would like to contribute, then please mail us.