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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues
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Child Of The Moon

'The priest climbed wearily up the large hill mound through the dim morning fog. His limp frail body hung heavy on the crook under his arm. But, the pain was a distant sensation. He was anticipating a truly magestic day, provided all the calculations agreed. The old wooden bridge was damp and slowly being engulfed by thick forest ivy. Sitting on the far side at the door to the observatory was the priest's apprentice, Cawyn. The boy had observed the bright moon through the night as it weaved its path through the celestial bodies...'

Read The Rest Of This Fictional Story From Our Past...

The above story describes a world lost to time in the depths of our prehistory. A fictional time of astronomical ingenuity, when the celestial sphere and all its bodies alone defined time.
Everyone knows that the moon determines the tides, as we experience large springs around new and full moon. But, with the advent of complex computer harmonic-forcasting and tide tables, our understanding stops here. The information is given to us and there is no need to explain it.
For the bore surfer the relationship is also important as the tidal bore is a product of the tides. An understanding of how the tides vary over time results in a knowledge of when the largest bores will occur in the future. So there is the desire to delve deeper.
Sunrise Over Newnham-On-Severn Tidal Bore
Vernal equinox sunrise over a Newnham-On-Severn bore

A waxing gibbous moon heralds the coming of the spring tides

It is the gravitational attraction of the moon (and sun) combined with the centrifugal force of radial accelaration that cause the waters of the planet to bulge out. As Earth rotates on its axis, the lands approach and pass these bulges of water - this is the passage of the theoretical equilibrium high tide (the simplest explanation!).

When attraction is greatest, tides will be highest. There are several complex lunar and solar cycles that affect the attraction: distance from earth, angle above the plane of the ecliptic, angle between sun and moon. Understanding these cycles one can determine when the largest bores can be expected, and prepare that big gun!

We'll take a look at these cycles in the near future!

'The more you think about the Severn Bore - of how it links with the moon, and the sun, and the rolling Atlantic, and nature that man has not yet managed to change, tame or ruin, then the more dramatic it seems.'
Michael Englel of The Guardian regarding the Severn Bore

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