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The Seaward Highway, running from Seaward to Anchorage along the shore of the Turnagain Arm ranks among the world's greatest drives. With the majesty of the Chugach range on one side and the sheer beauty of the Arm on the other. The newly constructed highway also makes it easy to follow the tidal bore which runs close to the shore in the upper Arm. These are a select few from the many parking locations along the Highway for viewing the bore.

McHugh Creek State Picnic Area (Near Mile Marker 112) :
15.2 miles from Anchorage. The Area contains picnic sites, water, toilets and trails. From here there is an excellent view of the Arm and the bore may be visible way out in the channels as a fast movement of water travelling upto 6 knots.

Beluga Point (Near Mile Marker 110) :
16.7 miles from Anchorage. Owing its name to the beluga whales that can sometimes be sighted here, the Point offers dramatic views of the Arm. The tidal bore is visible by naked eye in the distance as a 'finger' line of white water. There are large telescopes in the parking area look out. The bore can be seen from here around an hour after low water at Anchorage.

Fallen Rock Trail (Near Mile Marker 107) :
20.2 miles from Anchorage. A scenic viewpoint, with parking, where the bore may be sighted.

Bird Creek State Campground (Near Mile Marker 101) :
25.8 miles from Anchorage. 25 campsites, picnic shelters, water, toilets, hiking trails. Seven day limit, this campground is very often full. There is an excellent view from the campground across the Arm. Beware of the exposed mud flats in the area. They are very dangerous and should be avoided!

Mile Marker 100 To 90 :
27 miles from Anchorage. Along the next 10 miles to Girdwood, there are several parking laybys for observing the bore at its most dynamic. From Bird Creek the bore runs into a channel close to the shore. The wave reaches the area about an hour and a half after low tide at Anchorage. The bore can form a train with upto ten waves, breaking anything upto ten feet.