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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues
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A Scenic Wonder

The Arm defies the normal flat, meandering, floodplain environment of the tidal bore. Contained within the stunning backdrop of the Chugach Range, and with a wealth of wild and marine life, the bore experience here is truly unique.
Courtesy Dwayne Watts
Photo Courtesy Dwayne Watts

Below the Arm is described in the words of local surfer John Markel.

'Turnagain Arm is truely a scenic wonder. It a very dynamic place that is constantly changing. The weather and water is never still. There are always some kind of standing waves as the tide comes and goes. At low tide there are extensive sculpted mud flats that make a scenic moonscape, in summer there is a brilliant green algae that forms in some places. In winter the arm is at it's most scenic. It is full of ice flows that are ripping by at 15-20 miles per. The flow of the water is channeled by the ice formations which seems to make it move faster and the wave seems to have more punch or juice to it. When you surf the wave in the spring time the grounded ice bergs create a white water slalom course and rapids as the incoming tide runs over them. After the ice goes out in the spring, the hooligan return and with them come the beluga whales and hundreds of bald eagles. In early summer the salmon runs start which will bring the beluga's in again. Occasionally there is an orca that comes to eat the beluga and salmon. This fall the wave seems to be dying out as the bottom conditions change. Perhaps the inlet is filling in with silt...'
Courtesy John Markel