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Barrel On The Dordogne Courtesy Fabrice Colas And Phillipe Garrigues Central News South Short Feature On The Biggest Tides Of The Decade, Courtesy Central News South
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The Archive Files

Over the last twenty years, the Severn Bore, and the surfers that ride it, have been a constant source of fascination and attention for the local media. So, in conjunction with the Surfing History pages, below we have compiled a collection of still images from news reels broadcast through the 1980's and 90's, along with some articles from local papers ranging back to the first surfin attempt by Colonel Churchill in 1955.

The images help demonstrate the variability in the performance of the bore, and herald back to times when crowds flocked the river with all kinds of unusual surfing apparatus (check the inflatable elephant!). Evenso, there were still the small group of regular faces that appeared in most news stories, headlined by Dave Lawson and Steve King.

Are you one of the faces in these photos??? If so please contact us, so we can update our records with any fascinating recollections you might have from your bore surfing days.....

File One File Two File Three
It's those two again! Steve and Dave alone and cruisin Steve performs a quick pirouette for the camera! Another glassy bank hugger with DL at the helm
Could this be at Donny's? Late 80's breaker Not a surprise that this lilo surfer failed to catch the wave, mid 90's mayhem! Who needs a longboard when you have got a giant inflatable orange elephant! Courtesy Heart Of The Country
Now if anyone can explain wot this surfing apparatus is, then please contact us!! Courtesy Heart Of The Country Guts looks to locals Dave and Steve for some words of advice.
This guy was left behind in a tree as his board washed upstream with the bore! The local lads, Steve and Dave, have a quick bit of bonding ridding the wave tandem. Dave Lawson has a few words for the camera.

All stills courtesy Central News South, unless otherwise stated
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